Corrugated Sheet By Mackenzie Gaffney

Formally known as Acrylite SDP, High Impact Corrugated Sheet from Deglas, Oakville, ON, Canada, has strength and durability that its customers have stuck by over the years.

The sheet

This corrugated product has a thickness of 0.06 inches and a weight of .44 lbs. The sheets are ideal for retrofitting or re-glazing greenhouses previously covered with polycarbonate or fiberglass. Not only does it provide strength and durability, but it also provides better light transmission. Ed Feenstra, vice president of Rosa Flora, Dunnville, ON, Canada, uses Deglas sheets as divider walls from one zone to the other. "It is not on the roof; it is a divider wall," said Feenstra, "but it gives excellent light transmission that doesn't affect the flowers from one compartment to the other. We just find it a nice rigid wall. We don't have to put a lot of support in it because it is very heavy, quality material."

The corrugated sheets also come in flexible lengths of up to 24 feet that can be used over radiuses and is part of Deglas' No-Drip line of products. These products reduce condensation to allow for maximum light transmission and eliminate uncontrolled dripping that may damage crops. Even in bad weather, the highest possible light transmission will happen.


One of the best features of High Impact Corrugated Sheets is that they do not require pre-drilling for installation. Other features are similar to Deglas Multi-Skinned Acrylic Sheets, specifically the clarity, which remains over long periods of exposure. Yellowing is something that Feenstra and Tim Raker, owner of C. Raker and Sons, Litchfield, Mich., said does not happen. "Absolutely not," said Feenstra. "Oh, no," said Raker. "That is one reason we went with acrylic — the properties never change."

Strong, impact resistant and durable? Yes. Against Mother Nature? Sometimes. Raker discussed how Michigan winters can cause panels to crack. "We get some pretty severe winters with lots of ice and snow," Raker said. "One of the things with acrylic is that it is so energy efficient it takes a long time to melt snow and ice off the roof. Actually, when it does give a little bit it all flies down to the gutter. Because of some sliding ice and snow, there have been occasions when the snow and ice have gone down so hard it has gone through the panel on the opposing side. That is not by fault of the manufacturer; it's just the way it is. But there is never anything that I am concerned about as far as having damaged panels as a result of an inferior product."

The most maintenance growers discussed with regard to these panels was simply washing off dirt that may get on the sheets every now and then. That aside, there is not any regular maintenance or upkeep, according to the growers we spoke with. The corrugated sheets come with a 10-year, non-prorated hail warranty. As mentioned before, pre-drilling is unnecessary, which eliminates the possibility of the product becoming brittle.


Since the change in management, Raker said that his relationship with Deglas has been "really good." Raker also stated that he doesn't question their integrity, and they respond well to C. Raker and Sons' questions and concerns. And the same goes for Feenstra — they have a very good working relationship.

"Deglas works with high-quality material," said Feenstra. "For the durability, Deglas' [product] is something that you can really trust. Their product is not the cheapest on the market, but in the long run it out performs the other products, and that is why we choose to go [with it]. In the long run, we can say we will enjoy it for many years to come."

"We have been completely satisfied with the product," said Raker who has been using Deglas products for the last 20 years. "Given our climate, because we get harsh winters, we not only get good light, we get good energy savings out of it. We have our standard shade/energy curtains in there, and we are very efficient as a greenhouse when it comes time to heat. We attribute [it to] the design and good light."

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Mackenzie Gaffney

Mackenzie Gaffney is associate editor of GPN. She can be reached by phone at (847) 391-1013 or E-mail at [email protected] in 1406

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