Oct 14, 2016
Funding for the Future By Tim Hodson

As this year’s crazy presidential election comes to a conclusion, it’s good to know there will be some stability in the White House in the coming years — and it will be in the White House Kitchen Garden.

Thanks to a $2.5 million donation from the home gardening company, W. Atlee Burpee, and The Burpee Foundation, the operation and maintenance of the White House Kitchen Garden initiated by First Lady Michelle Obama will continue on for years to come.

According to George Ball, chairman and CEO of Pennsylvania-based Burpee, establishment of a formal vegetable garden at The White House resurrects a tradition that goes back to John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

“We recognize the importance of continuing The White House Kitchen Garden and developing its educational activities in support of The White House initiative,” Ball said.

The gift will be made to the National Park Foundation to cover direct costs to expand and maintain the Garden. The donation is a long-term commitment to the preservation of the White House Kitchen Garden.

“We hope that a well-conceived long-lasting version of The White House Kitchen Garden will be fully supported by ensuing Administrations for so long as The White House serves as the residence for The President of the United States,” Ball remarked.

So no matter what happens on Nov. 8, the White House Kitchen Garden will remain in office!

Two Days Left

There are just two days left for students to apply for the 2017 GPN/Nexus Intern of the Year scholarship.

It is a great opportunity if you know a college student who participated in a horticulture-related internship program this year and is interested in receiving a check for $3,000, a trip to Cultivate’17 and being the subject of an article in the January issue of GPN.

All of the details for applying for this year’s scholarship can be found here.

— Tim


Tim Hodson