Jessie Liebenguth
40 Under 40, Class of 2022

Jessie Liebenguth


Reiman Gardens

Job Title

Glasshouse Horticulturist


  • Spent several years modernizing and renewing organization’s facilities and procedures. With the support of management, she replaced rows of non-functional high-pressure sodium lighting with new LEDs and is working with multiple interns to create a proactive IPM program.
  • Jessie is a proud judge for several national trial programs, including All- America Selections and the American Rose Trials for Sustainability.


Outside the Greenhouse: Jessie likes to “experiment” in her yard; “aka, dig and move plants around, test for drought tolerance, and grow thistles and creeping Charlie for native pollinators.” She also enjoys reading, rescuing plants and walking her basset hound.

Fun Facts

Can’t Live Without: Water. “I really do love water in all of its forms. It’s also the base for all my other favorite drinks: coffee, beer and any kind of herbal tea I can get my hands on.”