40 Under 40, Class of 2023

Lindsay Vogt


Dickman Farms

Job Title

Propagation Manager


  • Created the process of growing young plants and building the template that helped Dickman improve the overall quality of liners.
  • Oversees space utilization in the greenhouse to ensure plants are grown in conjunction with the needs of the crop and the business.
  • Heads the safety committee for Dickman Farms and developed a safety training program.


Waterfalls, eh? Lindsay enjoys going on waterfall hunts with her husband and daughter; her favorite is Niagara Falls in Ontario, especially during the winter with the Festival of Lights.

Fun Facts

By Heart: The first time Lindsay read “I Like Myself!” by Karen Beaumont to her daughter, it really resonated with her. “I’ve read it so much I basically have it memorized; it is a children’s book that simply teaches self-empowerment and good self-image.”