What Are You Growing This Year? Why? By Tim Hodson

What are you growing in your greenhouse(s) this spring?

Whenever I ask that question, a lot of times I get an answer like, "The same crops we grew last year."

When I ask, "Why are you growing the products you are growing?" the answer I often get is, "Because that is what we always have grown."

So my questions to you are, "When was the last time you changed your product mix?" and "Why did you make those changes?"

Many people are slow to make changes because they are uncomfortable with any kind of change and even more uncomfortable when change is forced on them. But stuff happens and when stuff happens it often requires change.

This month in the article "Down But Not Out" on page 28 we hear about changes that growers are making due to the impact of impatiens downy mildew in their region. But these growers are also finding that this "change" is now an opportunity.

It shouldn't take a challenge like IDM for you to examine your products and make changes. You should be doing it on a regular basis.

At the end of season review what worked and what didn't work both for you and your customers _Ñ and then decide if you need to make some changes.

Are You California Bound Next Month?

Will you be heading to California Spring Trials next month to check out the latest introductions for 2014?

California Spring Trials is an excellent time to scout new product offerings if you are looking to mix up your products.

If you are not headed out to California, be sure to follow us on www.CaliforniaSpringTrials.com. There have been quite a few changes since 2012 Spring Trials with many of the players changing locations this year so we will keep you up to date.

And don't forget, during the week of Spring Trials we will be blogging and posting photos of the new introductions as we make our way up the coast.

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