Grown Rogue Triples Indoor Production In Oregon

Grown Rogue International Inc., a multi-state cannabis company with operations and assets in Oregon and Michigan, has successfully tripled its indoor production in Oregon with recently announced capacity increases. Grown Rogue completed facility improvements at... more »

Researchers Look To Micropropagation For Efficient Cannabis Production

As nurseries and garden centers fill up with spring landscaping plants, home gardeners owe a lot to a technique called micropropagation, which has proven beneficial to many plants - perhaps soon to include cannabis, thanks... more »

An Introduction to Integrated Pest Management for Indoor Hemp

Integrated pest management (IPM) is a comprehensive approach for preventing and managing insect, mite and disease pressure. When it comes to indoor hemp production, an effective IPM manager should have a clear understanding of how... more »

Chemical Compound Responsible For Cannabis Odor Identified

A research team comprised of Byers Scientific, Iowa State University and Texas-based odor experts report isolation and identification of the volatile chemical which appears to be primarily responsible for the downwind skunky-like environmental odor complaints... more »

Scientists At Front Range Biosciences Recognized For Innovations

Scientists at Front Range Biosciences, a cannabis and hemp genetics platform company, have been named to the Cannabis Scientist Power List for the second year in a row. The annual award recognizes the top 25... more »

App Allows Cultivators In Metrc States To Weigh Cannabis Plants Offline

GrowFlow, a business management and compliance solution for cannabis wholesalers and retailers, has launched its new Harvest mobile app that enables GrowFlow customers to precisely weigh and measure their individual harvested plants while offline or... more »

Harvest Hero Line Of Horticultural Products Launches With Soilless Media

Dicalite Management Group, LLC has introduced Harvest Hero, a brand of value-added soil amendments and growing media targeting the cannabis industry and overall horticultural market. The first product launched under the brand is the patent-pending... more »

Front Range Biosciences Unveils High THCv Product Line

Front Range Biosciences (FRB), a cannabis and hemp genetics platform company leveraging next-generation breeding technology and R&D, has become one of the first genetics providers to launch a new product line of high THCv plant... more »

GPN recognizes 40 industry professionals under the age of 40 who are helping to determine the future of the horticulture industry. These individuals are today’s movers and shakers who are already setting the pace for tomorrow.