Researchers Emphasize Yeast, Mold Testing in Hemp Industry

Producing hemp in the Northeast comes with a unique set of challenges. Irregular weather patterns, large swings in temperature, and the ubiquitous nature of airborne yeast and mold spores coincide to create a perfect storm... more »

St. Louis Science Center Adds Hemp Plants to Exhibit

The St. Louis Science Center is adding Colorado-bred hemp plants by Trilogene Seeds to its internationally famous agricultural learning center, the GROW pavilion. Hemp, aka Cannabis sativa, is botanically the same plant as marijuana. But... more »


Oregon State Receives $10M to Study Hemp in Western U.S.

Oregon State University’s Global Hemp Innovation Center has been awarded a $10 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to define economic opportunities for hemp in the western United States. The five-year project is... more »

Penn State to Host Hemp Research Field Walk

Growers will have an opportunity to tour the Penn State industrial hemp trials during the Hemp Research Field Walk on Thursday, Sept. 16. The focus of the evening will be on CBD industrial hemp, highlighting... more »

Hemp Flowering Behavior Research Provides Guidance for Florida Growers

New UF/IFAS research suggests Florida growers must carefully select hemp varieties and factor the length of a given day when scheduling when to plant. Understanding hemp flowering behavior, or how it responds to light and... more »

Griffin Greenhouse Supplies Publishes 2021 CEA Catalog

Griffin, one of the largest horticultural brokers and suppliers in the United States, has added a new CEA catalog to its series of already published catalogs for the grower industry. This latest catalog features new... more »

Workshop Highlights Value-Added Hemp Production in Virginia

Virginia Cooperative Extension will host a "Value Added Hemp Production" workshop on Aug. 30 in West Point, Virginia. Hosted by Chelsea Knoll Farm, the workshop will cover the production of hemp and hemp value-added products,... more »

North Carolina Tobacco Farmer Finds Success with Hemp

A fifth generation family farm in Carthage has its roots in agriculture and sights on innovation. When the McLeod family first started farming, they focused mainly on our state’s popular cash crops: cotton, tobacco, corn... more »

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