Plant Health

Pathogens Infecting Cannabis Plants in Connecticut Identified

Cannabis has become an important part of Connecticut’s economy. With the recent legalization of adult recreational marijuana use, it is only expected to continue growing. This means it’s important to make sure cannabis plants themselves... more »

How to Identify Two-Spotted Spider Mites in Hemp

Early detection is key to managing two-spotted spider mites in hemp. Auburn University researchers share how to recognize them and their damage. Identification Spider mites are small arachnids related to spiders, ticks, and scorpions. Their... more »

Extension Team Requests Grower Input On Research Priorities

Alabama’s third growing season for hemp is underway. With this ‘new’ crop, the Extension crops team is looking to identify best management practices to ensure hemp’s sustainability. This includes identifying the types and distribution of... more »

Research Outlines Effects Of Herbicide Drift On Hemp

Adding to a growing body of research about hemp cultivation, UC Cooperative Extension advisor Sarah Light and UCCE weed specialist Brad Hanson studied the symptoms of herbicide drift on this high-value commodity that is now... more »

Front Range Biosciences’ Clean Stock Program Fights Hop Latent Viroid In Cannabis

Front Range Biosciences, a cannabis and hemp genetics platform company, has released the results of a case study demonstrating the effectiveness of using tissue culture as part of a Clean Stock program to clean plants... more »

Ohio Company Begins Producing Single-Step Liquid Fertilizer

In late 2020, British biochemist and plant scientist, Dr. Russell Sharp, announced a major breakthrough in both hydroponics and soil cultivation. Gold Leaf is the world's first, true single-step liquid fertilizer to contain every essential... more »

Addressing Plant Nutrition in Outdoor Hemp

Plant health is all about knowing what is in your water, soil and fertilizer, and finding the right balance of nutrients to produce the best crop possible. GPN caught up with Krystal Snyder, a Penn... more »

Bioline Agrosciences Launches Climate Adapted Release Technology

Bioline Agrosciences, a biocontrol technologies company, is launching CART (Climate Adapted Release Technology) to further strengthen its commitment to growers and farmers and the environment. The technology has been applied to STARSKii, containing Amblyseius swirskii,... more »

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