Windset Farms Adds HarvestHold Fresh for Postharvest Quality

Windset Farms and Verdant Technologies announce a partnership for the use of Verdant’s postharvest shelf-life extension solution, HarvestHold Fresh. The companies will partner on a retail pilot for tomatoes-on-the-vine supplied from Mexico into select retailers... more »

Revol Greens Doubles Romaine Production Capabilities

Revol Greens, a greenhouse lettuce grower in North America, will double its romaine lettuce production throughout the remainder of 2022 and into 2023. The increase in production is supported by Revol Greens' indoor growing facilities... more »

Westerlay Orchids 2022

Driving Sustainability at Westerlay Orchids

Westerlay Orchids has made quite the mark in Carpinteria, California. What started as a rose operation when Joop Overgaag immigrated from the Netherlands in the late 1970s has now become an orchid powerhouse, growing more... more »

Technically Speaking greenhouse

Technically Speaking: Pros and Cons of Cool Nights

Temperature is the most manipulated environmental parameter inside greenhouses and indoor farms. Temperature controls the rate of plant development and thus determines crop production time. It also regulates crop quality attributes including stem elongation and,... more »

UF Research Demonstrates Tomato Results with HarvestHold

A recent study by the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Science (UF-IFAS) found the shelf-life of grape tomatoes can be dramatically improved using a postharvest solution by Verdant Technologies. The research team,... more »

Berger new facility

Berger Opens New Peat Moss Mixing Plant

Berger has announced the operational efficiency and reliability of its ninth horticultural peat moss mixing plant, located in the Oakbank community of Springfield, Manitoba, Canada. The more than 48,000-square-foot plant, built to add more equipment... more »

Enrichment Systems Collaborates With Florep, Caliplant Agro

Enrichment Systems LLC has entered into a collaboration agreement with Florep and its partner Caliplant Agro Group S.L. to research the benefits of dissolved gasses on the health and productivity of professional vegetable and fruit... more »

Technically Speaking LEDs

Technically Speaking: Futuristic Light(ing) in Horticulture

The science and engineering of crop production continues to advance with new or more effective technologies. This is especially true with the production of specialty crops inside greenhouses and indoor (vertical) farms. There have been... more »