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Vineland develops new plant varieties with improved disease resistance, stress tolerance, quality and sensory attributes.

What if plants could talk?

Gaining a knowledge of plant chemistry can lead to tangible benefits like improved crop yield, early detection of issues related to production and plant health and better-quality products. So why doesn’t everyone understand the chemistry... more »

SGAFT: Energy curtain performance

The Small Greenhouse and Farm Technology (SGAFT) project is collaborating with GPN for a series of research reports and articles on small scale technology application. SGAFT’s mission includes providing small greenhouse and farm operators with... more »

Thrips and botrytis online resource library

Flowers play a vital role in our lives. For your customers, it’s the vibrant bouquets gracing their homes to the blossoms and baskets that adorn special occasions. For you as a grower, it’s your livelihood.... more »

New labor-saving robot for indoor and outdoor operations

Philadelphia-based Burro, an autonomous mobility company providing solutions for the agriculture industry, announced that it has launched a new product, Burro Grande, the company’s most powerful labor-saving robot to date. In terms of capabilities, Burro... more »

Reps. introduce bill to advance automation research and development

Representatives Doug LaMalfa (R-Calif.), Salud Carbajal (D-Calif.), Max Miller (R-Ohio), and Abagail Spanberger (D-Va.) introduced a bill to establish a specialty crop mechanization and automation research and development program within the United States Department of... more »


Driving Sustainability at Westerlay Orchids

Westerlay Orchids has made quite the mark in Carpinteria, California. What started as a rose operation when Joop Overgaag immigrated from the Netherlands in the late 1970s has now become an orchid powerhouse, growing more... more »

Summit Nutrients Acquires AGVNT

Summit Nutrients, a manufacturer and marketer of bio-nutritional and fertilizer products, has acquired AGVNT, an R&D company. This acquisition is said to be part of Summit Nutrients’ growth strategy toward building a broad platform of... more »

Westerlay Orchids Adopts HortiFootprint Calculator

Westerlay Orchids is the first North American user of the HortiFootprint Calculator, a software tool developed by MPS and that measures the carbon footprint of horticultural production and helps growers to make more sustainable... more »

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