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Pest Management: The Fundamentals of Sanitation in Greenhouse Production Systems

An effective integrated pest management (IPM) program begins with proper sanitation practices in the greenhouse. During this one-hour webinar, watch and learn about what you can do to keep your greenhouses clean and minimize the impact of insects on your crops.

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2021 Cannabis & Hemp Week

The 2021 Cannabis and Hemp Week has wrapped up featuring experts in the cannabis and hemp industries. Presented by Cannabis Product News, Hemp Production News and GPN, Cannabis and Hemp Week featured three 1-hour interactive webcasts addressing the latest issues facing growers. Speakers shared the latest insights, production tips and guidelines to growing successfully.

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Case study: The Garden Gateway of Utah

This webinar is a case study of how growing media with active ingredients improved the health and quality of crops and reduced the use of fungicides. Hear from Moose Mountcastle as he describes how he identified a problem, what he did to test to find the best growing media for his crops and how PRO-MIX became the obvious choice for The Garden Gateway. Ed Bloodnick, Director of Grower Services for Premier Tech, manufacturer of PRO-MIX, will explain the science behind these products and how PRO-MIX with the Active Ingredients BIOFUNGICIDE and MYCORRHIZAE can make a difference for your crops.

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The Best of California Summer Trials 2021

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Learn to grow what’s new for 2022! McHutchison and Vaughan’s Horticulture have traveled the trials and narrowed down the best-of-the-best from each breeder’s 2022 collections, to bring us a 1-hour review that highlights the leading profit-makers and game-changers for the upcoming seasons. This webinar features Allison Pennell and Joe Rawley with GPN’s Tim Hodson moderating.

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New Varieties Week

Now Available On-Demand! GPN’s New Varieties Week, featuring 60-minute webcasts by companies presenting their new varieties for 2022! During the webcasts, you’ll hear from Suntory Flowers, Proven Winners, Benary, Westhoff, Dümmen Orange, PanAmerican Seed, Ball FloraPlant and Selecta as they present their new introductions for the 2022 season. Click on each link to Watch Now!

Suntory Flowers
Proven Winners
Dümmen Orange
Ball FloraPlant and Selecta
PanAmerican Seed

Sustainable Development 101: How to enhance and grow your product offering

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This webinar is a practical overview on identifying opportunities for sustainable design and best practices on overcoming key barriers to integrating alternative solutions in your growing operations. Our speakers will explain five of the key principles on how to maximize your product value and offer real-life case studies.

We know sustainable products are a growing business opportunity, but what is the best way to go about incorporating alternatives into your business? Better yet, what’s the risk if you don’t? A successful pathway to devising a fit-for-purpose product portfolio while reducing your carbon footprint can take shape in a variety of ways. While it’s not a one-size-fits-all, there are a few key elements that can help when considering and prioritizing activities to accelerate your product value offering. Every industry presents unique barriers, but also creative solutions! In the horticulture space, the opportunity to look at internal processes, product components and increased storytelling can really set your products apart among competitors. We’ll take a closer look at specific examples represented in the value chain and apply various lenses to help provide guidance on ways to maximize product messaging. Solutions exist within your suppliers, customers – and your customer’s customer – so let us help you guide the way.

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GPN 40 Under 40 Roundtable

Presenting GPN’s first 40 Under 40 Roundtable. This 1-hour webcast features three industry experts providing fresh perspectives on the latest issues facing growers today. Watch Jasmina Dolce, editor, and Tim Hodson, editorial director of GPN, as they moderate this interactive webcast featuring 40 Under 40 alumni.

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Poinsettias — The Best-of-the-Best

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Navigating your way through this busy class is easiest with an expert like Trevor Hilburn who will share his insights and recommendations for your program from the best-of-the-best poinsettias across all breeders. Covering genetics from Beekenkamp, Dümmen Orange, Lazzeri, Rinehart, Selecta One and Syngenta, Trevor will focus on the top varieties you can count on — the tried-and-true plus the new and flashy for 2021— and identify the best choices for northern and southern growers. You can learn more about Trevor in his bio below the registration form.

This free webinar is hosted by GPN’s editorial director, Tim Hodson, and sponsored by McHutchison and Vaughan’s Horticulture.

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Big Grower Executive Webinar

What to Expect from the Economy, the Consumer and Our Legislators

Presenting the third annual Big Grower Executive Webinar! Hear exclusive insight from Dr. Charlie Hall, Craig Regelbrugge and Dr. Bridget Behe as they examine the up-to-the-minute issues facing our industry and help growers make sense of these complicated topics and how they could influence the industry in the coming year.

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Cannabis & Hemp Week: Growing Cannabis & Hemp

Cannabis & Hemp Week featured three 1-hour interactive webcasts with industry experts addressing the latest issues facing growers today. The webcast series is interactive and designed to provide growers with the latest insight, production tips and guidelines to grow successfully. Watch Day 1 on-demand!

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GPN recognizes 40 industry professionals under the age of 40 who are helping to determine the future of the horticulture industry. These individuals are today’s movers and shakers who are already setting the pace for tomorrow.