February 2015

A Path to the Future

Do you know a college student studying horticulture? Is that student's experience with plants revolutionizing the way he or she thinks and acts? If so, that student may be a candidate for Syngenta Flo... more

Bedding Plants: Your Worst Enemies

Have you ever wondered why different groups of plants get different diseases? If you have only been growing one type of plant, such as bedding plants, you might think all plants get the same diseases.... more

Crop Culture Report: Kniphofia Rockette Series

These beautiful hybrids feature continuous blooming, compact habit and versatility in use.

Fertilizer Injector Maintenance Made Easy

I realize that after reading my tag line above, you must be thinking “of course my fertilizer injector is essential to my growing quality plant material!” The real question is, if it is that ... more

Perennial Solutions: Iberis sempervirens ‘Whiteout’

Candytuft has been a perennial favorite for its reliably early spring color. In spite of its early flowering and popularity with consumers, iberis has been known among many growers as a hit or miss cr... more

Production Efficiency & Quality Vital to Cannabis Market

Marijuana production in Colorado is quickly shifting from indoor warehouse facilities to greenhouse operations. "Twelve to 18 months ago, more than 95 percent of marijuana production was done in wa... more

The Edible and Fragrant Collections

Pleasant View Gardens' maximum solution for growers and retailers on the edibles wave.

The PGR Ancymidol

A-Rest and Abide are two plant growth retardants (PGRs) that contain the active ingredient ancymidol. They aren't as commonly used in floriculture as most other PGRs, which could be attributed to ancy... more

Trial Results for 2015 Poinsettia Introductions

How did these 15 new varieties perform and how will they fit into the poinsettia market?

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