July 2016

Culture Report: Pelargonium ‘Pinki Pinks’

This versatile perennial shrub will bloom profusely from spring to early winter and delight gardeners with its elegant and compact form.

Cuttings in the Tropics

Dümmen Orange’s team in El Salvador is focused on the product that leaves and the people that walk through the doors every day.

Effects of pH on Pesticides

Question: How does water or spray solution pH influence pesticide activity?

Inventory Visibility and the Power of the Click

Managing inventory can seem confusing, but here's a breakdown of three different processes available to growers.

New Options for Battling Plant Diseases

Check out these new plant health products recently introduced to the market.

Perennial Solutions: Adenophora confusa ‘Fairy Bells Gaudi Violet’

Recent breeding has taken this underutilized plant to new levels, increasing its marketability and performance.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

Last month, we shared some noteworthy trends from the California Spring Trials, but this month the spotlight is on new varieties. Check out some of the showstoppers that caught our eye from Gilroy down to Oxnard.

Success with Succulents

There has been growing interest in the ornamental production of succulents, which are plants with thick, fleshy stems and/ or leaves. Botanically, these plants are members of several different plant f... more

The Evolution of Plant Trials

Who doesn’t love to walk through a retail garden center and ogle all of the new plants that have made it to market each year? Every plant nerd I know does! Many ask how and why certain varieties mak... more

The Value of a Dollar

As humans, we all associate the value of a dollar differently. If we pay more, does that mean the item or product is better? If it hardly cost anything, do we lower our expectations? What about deals ... more

When Exactly Should I Irrigate?

Increase crop growth and quality with proper irrigation management.

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