Jun 22, 2021
AAS Announces First Winners for 2022

All-America Selections has announced its first group of AAS Winners for 2022.

All AAS Winners are trialed throughout North America by professional, independent, volunteer judges who grow new, never-before-sold entries next to comparisons that are considered best-in-class. Only those entries that had garden performance superior to the comparisons are granted the AAS award designation. Comparison varieties can be found on each AAS Winner webpage.

The newest AAS Winners are:

  • Petunia Bee’s Knees (National)
  • Icicle F1 (National)
  • Lettuce Bauer (National)
  • Pepper Buffy F1 (National)
  • Watermelon Century Star F1 (Regional)

The six 2021 Winners previously announced are:

  • Celosia Kelos Candela Pink (Regional)
  • Echalion Crème Brulee (BGS-270) F1 (Regional)
  • Leucanthemum Sweet Daisy Birdy (Regional)
  • Pepper Pot-a-peño F1 (Regional)
  • Squash Goldilocks F1 (National)
  • Zinnia Profusion Red Yellow Bicolor (National Gold Medal)

Growers, retailers and consumers will find these AAS Winners for sale as supply becomes available through the distribution chain. Click on the breeding company link below to email the breeder about ordering seed or cuttings. Garden communicators are free to begin writing about these varieties now to build demand.

Petunia ‘Bee’s Knees’ 

AAS Ornamental Vegetative Winner — National Winner

AAS winners 2022 Petunia 'Bee’s Knees' Truly an outstanding and eye-catching yellow petunia in the AAS Trials! Each ‘Bee’s Knees’ petunia is filled with lush blooms that put on a colorful show of deep yellow, non-fading flowers all season long. The intense yellow petunia color contrasts beautifully against the deep green leaves. ‘Bee’s Knees’ offers great garden performance in a variety of conditions and requires very little maintenance. Gardeners will love its deep, rich yellow color and its versatile mounding habit. Works great as an element in mixed containers or as a hanging basket but also thrives as a long-blooming groundcover.

Bred by Ball Floraplant

Eggplant ‘Icicle’ F1

AAS Edible Winner — National Winner

AAS Winners 2022 Eggplant Icicle F1This cylindrical white eggplant earned the prestigious AAS award for several reasons. The ‘Icicle’ plant has fewer spines than most eggplants, making for a less painful harvest! With larger fruits than other white eggplants, it produces a nice yield while also providing fewer seeds. The large, durable and vigorous plants hold up to insect damage and the environment. The pure white skin does not tend to yellow like many other white varieties of eggplant. The improved taste and texture has universal appeal (whether fresh or cooked), one judge served it to his children: “Even my 11-year-old asked for seconds when I breaded and fried them at home.” That’s a culinary testimonial!

Bred by knownyouseed.com

Lettuce ‘Bauer’ (available as organic seed)

AAS Edible Winner

National Winner

AAS 2022 winners Lettuce BauerOakleaf lettuce is a delicious and versatile edible that is super easy (and fast) to grow in the garden. Harvest at the baby leaf stage or grow into the rosette-shaped full-sized head. ‘Bauer’ will please with its darker green color and nicely uniform compact size that can be grown almost anywhere…in-ground, containers or window boxes. The dense heads produce a plethora of sweet, crisp sturdy leaves. Now all you need is your favorite vinaigrette!

One judge went a step further and tried growing ‘Bauer’ in a home aeroponics system. He reported that it did brilliantly, making it an excellent candidate for controlled environment production.

Bred by Vitalis Organic Seeds (VitalisOrganic.com)

Pepper ‘Buffy’ F1

AAS Edible Winner — National Winner

AAS Winners 2022 pepper Buffy F1Will this Buffy fend off blood-sucking supernatural beings? We’re not sure, but we do know it’s one very delicious hot pepper! “I dig this fiery little pepper!” says one judge. “I have nothing negative to say about this variety,” exclaims another. This Buffy will do right by you by producing a good yield of juicy, thick-walled green to red fruits on strong, healthy upright plants. Buffy’s fruits are more attractive than the comparisons as well as slightly larger making them perfect for flavorful sport peppers but also for use in other applications. The peppers are held high on the plant adding ornamental value to the garden. Buffy was faster to mature than Tabasco in the AAS trials with a bit less heat than Ascent, until the seeds are added in. In summary, Buffy deserves its moment of recognition and deserves a place in your garden.

Bred by knownyouseed.com

Watermelon ‘Century Star’ F1

AAS Edible Winner — Regional Winner – Great Lakes

AAS winners 2022 Watermelon 'Century Star' F1‘Century Star’ is a new seedless watermelon similar to the popular heirloom variety, Moon and Stars. ‘Century Star’ produces a good yield of 10 pound fruits on long vines. Gardeners in the Great Lakes region will be rewarded with healthy plants, attractive spotted rind fruits and a great tasting, crisp, sweet internal flesh when they grow ‘Century Star’ watermelon.

Bred by Chia Tai Co. Ltd.

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