Oct 20, 2021
Axiom Marketing Releases Gardening Insights Survey Results

Gardening is becoming much more than a hobby and younger gardeners are driving green industry growth. Those are the latest findings of Axiom’s 2022 Gardening Insights Survey. The annual industry poll predicts the trend of spending more time and money gardening will continue in 2022.

The findings, first announced at the True Value Home and Garden Show Place Reunion, show the pandemic is not the only factor driving homeowners’ interest in gardening. In fact, their reasons for creating outdoor spaces are expanding.

Gardening Insight SurveyThe research, conducted by Axiom Marketing, a Minneapolis based firm, found 62% of those surveyed say they will be planting more in 2022. That number is even higher with millennials, with nearly 76% of that age group planning to expand and plant more. Just over 30% of all respondents say they will plant about the same as they did in 2021.

2022 will see gardeners investing more time and money, with 44% indicating they plan to spend more hours gardening in 2022 than they did this year. More than 28% say they will spend more money in 2022, nearly 68% will spend the same as they did in 2021. When asked what is driving their interest, the top response focused on gardening’s ability to lower stress and create an overall sense of health and well-being. Spending more time with family outdoors and spending more time at home tied for second, while creating a beautiful outdoor space and food gardening tied for third.

Homeowners also told us they were feeling confident this season, with 84% of those surveyed saying they felt they were successful with their gardening tasks in 2021. “That’s holding steady from last year’s findings,” says Kathleen Hennessy, head of Axiom’s horticulture marketing group. “What is even more encouraging is that number jumps to more than 90% when it comes to millennials. We believe if this group feels successful, that means the industry will have long-term growth. Millennials see gardening as more than just a hobby, it’s an extension of their home and a chance to enhance outdoor living space.”

When asked where homeowners bought most of their plants, Independent Garden Centers edged out big box stores, with 27% saying IGCs were their go-to source. The top reason for shopping there? Supporting a local business. “Better selection came in second,” adds Hennessy. “That tells us IGCs need to play up their role in the community. It’s a factor that is important to both experienced and new gardeners.”

The survey also discovered where homeowners go for inspiration, barriers to spending more time in the garden and the types of projects they’ll tackle in 2022. For more information on the Axiom 2022 Gardening Survey, download the report here: https://axiomcom.com/2022-gardening-survey/

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