Feb 24, 2021
Bioline Agrosciences Acquires IPM Company Dudutech

Bioline Agrosciences (InVivo Group) has acquired Kenyan biocontrol company Dudutech from Flamingo Group International, a producer of cut flowers, plants and fresh vegetables. The acquisition of Dudutech marks an important step for Bioline Agrosciences, as it aims to become a world-class player in the production and distribution of biocontrol solutions.

“Our group continues its internationalization development, by establishing itself in East Africa,” said Laurent Martel, CEO of Bioline Group. “This new site in Kenya will be the spearhead of our expansion in Africa to promote new environmental-friendly technologies in agriculture.”

A local biofactory for a local market

Created in 2001, Dudutech is Africa’s leader in integrated pest management (IPM) with a wealth of experience in designing and delivering biological pest control solutions. With its new biofactory in Kenya, Bioline Agrosciences owns now eight production sites in the world (Europe/North America and Africa).

“The biocontrol market is growing strongly, and the acquisition of Dudutech will allow us to increase our technological leadership, complete our product portfolio,” said Ludwik Pokorny, CEO of Bioline Agrosciences. This is a unique opportunity to specialize in flower production by creating this partnership with the Flamingo Group and to bring our 40-year-old expertise on other crops in the region.”

Tom Mason will remain managing director of Dudutech.

“This acquisition is a unique chance for us to consolidate our leading position in Africa, combining our technologies with the well-known brand and the extensive experience of Bioline Agrosciences,” Mason said.

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