Mar 17, 2021
Bioline Agrosciences Launches Climate Adapted Release Technology

Bioline Agrosciences, a biocontrol technologies company, is launching CART (Climate Adapted Release Technology) to further strengthen its commitment to growers and farmers and the environment. The technology has been applied to STARSKii, containing Amblyseius swirskii, for optimized control of thrips and whitefly in multiple crops and conditions.

Climate change is changing our environment, and this is affecting the conditions that crops, pests and beneficials exist in. STARSKii takes all the attributes of Amblyseius swirskii, a highly adaptable mite with a proven ability to cope with changes in the crop, pest and environment together with an innovative new release system under CART technology to meet the needs of both farmers and beneficial insects.

STARSKii & CART: the winning combination

  • Excellent establishment and consistent populations throughout the growing cycle with higher fecundity and higher fertility.
  • Optimal behaviour and response to increasing and reducing incidence of pests. Highly effective control of whitefly and thrips.
  • Adapting to fluctuating temperatures and humidities.

Bioline Agrosciences’ R&D department has been working for more than 40 years in the field of insect releases for crop protection. First releasing the Controlled Release System sachet in 1991, which has been the gold standard ever since, the new sachet in STARSKii combines pre-conditioning of the contents, permeability of the sachet, and a carefully balanced formulation to produce perfect conditions for mite development and subsequent control of thrips and whitefly.

“We work hand to hand with technical, production and R+D teams to continuously improve and adapt to growers needs with an environmentally friendly approach; CART technology has boosted performance in the field, bringing high fecundity from the first day of release to give an increased effectiveness against whitefly and thrips,” said Dr. Caroline Reid, senior technical lead Bioline Agrosciences.

Bioline Agrosciences is a French company with an international dimension, active in more than 35 countries, with eight bio-factories located in the main local markets in Europe, North America & Africa. This multi-site organization allows the company to be as close as possible to production areas, guaranteeing farmers access to the latest technologies alongside technical support to improve their yield and the quality of their products.

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