May 23, 2018
Cannabis Certification Council Creates Education Campaign

The Cannabis Certification Council, a national non-profit whose mission is to promote organic and fair trade production and standards in the cannabis industry, is launching its first consumer-facing educational campaign as part of the MJBizCon NEXT show in New Orleans.

Designed to draw parallels between food buying habits and cannabis, the #Whatsinmyweed campaign inspires consumers to expect the same of their cannabis as they do of their food. The campaign will be part of the Sustainability Exhibit at the NEXT show.

The #Whatsinmyweed campaign features colorful video and still ads that remind people how much they care about the production method of their favorite fruits and vegetables and suggest they demand the same of their cannabis. The website will feature a first-of-its-kind clearinghouse of cannabis certifications currently available in the market, information about each and where consumers can find certified product.

“This campaign is long overdue and much needed to alert consumers about the quality of their cannabis and begin to reward producers of organic, fair trade, sustainable and other high quality and integrity products just as they are in other consumer categories,” said Amy Andrle, owner of L’Eagle Services in Denver and board member with the CCC. “We believe the campaign and accompanying website will drive demand and increase transparency in the cannabis industry.”

To learn more about the #whatsinmyweed campaign please visit or