Feb 8, 2022
Cultivation Warehouse Social Equity Support Program Kicks Off

Cultivation Warehouse (CW) has committed nearly a half-million dollars in professional and technical services to social equity cannabis cultivation projects in four states since October 2021.

In the three months since first announcing the program to support qualified and eligible farming projects, CW has reviewed dozens of applications from across the country from entities seeking to launch or upgrade cultivation operations with a goal of providing opportunities for communities and individuals who have been adversely affected by cannabis prohibition.

CW, one of the nations premier agritechnology solutions providers, along with AMCON Green, a leading MEP & building design firm, together pledged to provide up to $1.25 million in design and technical services to launch or optimize regulated commercial cannabis cultivation operations with a strong social equity component.

The projects are being selected based upon their need, viability and timeline, and how well they address social equity objectives.

The five projects chosen thus far all demonstrate strong connections within previously excluded or marginalized populations, according to CW principals Eric Paulin and Eric Shedlarski.

“We’ve been impressed with the level of response and the quality of all the applicants we’ve reviewed to date,” said Paulin. “We’re confident each has the leadership and determination to become successful in this highly competitive space.”

“We hope to announce additional social equity project awards in New York, Massachusetts, and Illinois to those already selected in California, Alabama and Florida soon,” added Shedlarski.

Organizations eligible for social equity status within their local jurisdiction can still apply for consideration by Cultivation Warehouse by visiting cultivationwarehouse.com/social_equity.