Dec 19, 2020
Danziger to Drop Out of CAST

Danziger has announced that the company will rework the way it brings new introductions to market.

“Looking at our processes through the customers’ eyes, keeping in mind that we need to come to market in a safe and efficient manner, we have decided that we will not participate in CAST moving forward,” Mike Fernandez, market manager for Danziger North America, said. “The main reason we are making this change is that neither April nor June are an opportune time for growers and broker partners. We at Danziger are committed to having a convenient and stable introduction process. This includes moving up our introduction timeline several months. This will allow growers to order trials of new intros in time to evaluate and make decisions during the regular growing season.”

The revised timeline for Danziger’s new introduction is as follows:

Continue to be active and dedicated to all retail-sponsored trials and meetings.

In addition to the live NovemberFest at its R&D facilities in Israel, introductions of next year’s varieties will be presented virtually via one-on-one meetings, similar to this past year. Danziger will be scheduling meetings in October through December, allowing business partners more flexibility and a broader timeline to meet. With this time frame, customers can gather knowledge of new products and receive trials for finishing the following spring.

Virtual follow-up meetings will also be available in March/April to view any late additions and review products. Danziger will be finishing plants in the spring, which will allow them to film a series of videos that will be made available through our marketing efforts to be viewed at the convenience of the customer.

Danziger will continue to participate in public and private trials throughout North America, as they are an available tool for evaluating genetics in each region.

Danziger will host an open house event at its R&D facility in Michigan to view new and future varieties. This event will take place in July and August to coincide with the Michigan Garden tour.

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