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Jul 14, 2022
Estrella River Farms Obtains 9 Additional Cannabis Licenses

Livewire Ergogenics Inc.’s affiliate Estrella River Farms has been approved for nine additional cultivation licenses from the California Department of Cannabis Control for the expansion of the cultivation area on Estrella Ranch by two additional acres.

The expansion will increase the canopy area on Estrella Ranch to over 130,000 square feet to accommodate increased production and begin the process for the 2022 harvest. The approval of these additional licenses completes the goal that the company had set for cultivating the equivalent of three acres of sun-grown cannabis on Estrella Ranch. Executing these licenses is expected to meet the goal of drastically increasing the capacity for Estrella River Farms.

Bill Hodson, CEO of Livewire Ergogenics, states, “The licensing process for additional acreage on Estrella Ranch was painfully cumbersome, lengthy, and expensive. The due diligence process by the Department of Cannabis Control was as intense as for the first acre of cultivation. Although the process took much longer than anticipated, we support the intense due diligence to meet all the legal and environmental requirements. Many companies that entered the initial process light-heartedly are now failing this difficult and expensive process. Our research shows that approximately 49% of California cultivation permits have expired or have been surrendered this past year. Successfully concluding the new application process and proceeding with a strong focus on the most environmentally friendly footprint possible makes Estrella River Farms stand out from the competition and should provide a solid base for the business for years to come.”

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