Oct 11, 2019
Fotonica Launches DLED Lighting System

Israel-based Fotonica recently introduced the EVA 3 DLED (dynamic LED) smart lighting system which utilizes a unique electrical technology that enables growers to implement ‘Light Growth’ protocols that enhance crop yield and reduce energy consumption.

EVA 3 achieves this by converting electrical currents only to the required wavelengths without exhausting electrons to non-responsive spectrum.

Fotonica’s EVA 3 adjustable light spectrum allows growers to optimize the use of indoor growing space and reduce human resources as it diminishes the need for two-room operations. Additionally, EVA 3 consume less energy and efficiently converts currents, all while increasing plant biomass and cannabinoids.

The smart DLED system provides a fully flexible integrated spectrum curve with 11 bands. Additionally, light modulation can be performed inclusive of adjustable duty cycle and other light parameters.

Lighting systems of the past, utilizing HPS or fluorescent light, were originally developed for street or office lighting and were not easily applied or adequate for growing plants, which require a wide spectrum of light.

Professor David Meiri of the Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Cannabinoid Research at Technion, The Israel Institute of Technology, recently reported about the EVA3 system. In his report he stated that “results showed cannabinoid concentration levels that were 20-50% higher (THC, CBG respectively) in comparison to traditional HPS bulbs that were used as control and to standard verity concentration received when grown commercially.”

Growing indoors offers growers the opportunity to better manage pests, as well as control the temperature, humidity and air CO2 concentration of the growing environment. It is important to remember that light is just as important a growing component as air, soil and water. Plants with different biomass and/or different phenological stages would not all be treated alike, and the same should be said for light.

As more people throughout the world find their way to the healing benefits of the cannabis plant, there will be more demand on technologies like the Fotonica EVA 3TM system that can not only increase crop yields and cannabinoid concentration levels, but also do so with less environmental impact.


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