Apr 16, 2021
Green Flower To Host Washington Cannabis Career Summit

Green Flower is launching its first online Cannabis Career Summit designed to help career seekers better understand the realities and complexities of the cannabis industry, learn what skills and qualifications they need to stand out, and showcase the top leaders and companies in the cannabis industry today.

The first event, in partnership with Western Washington University, takes place virtually on May 6, 2021. The summit will consist of cannabis industry and university leaders sharing their expertise with students and professionals seeking to expand their knowledge to enter the cannabis job market.

The event showcases industry leaders and top brands in Washington’s cannabis market as they share their experience and opinions on job opportunities. The event will highlight insights from retailers, manufacturers, brands, cultivators and wellness experts as they discuss 1) top things to know about the cannabis industry; 2) hot sectors and trends in the cannabis industry, and 3) what companies are looking for when hiring in the cannabis industry.

The event is free to register and attend. Attendees are encouraged to further their career development through Western Washington University’s Professional and Continuing Education new cannabis certificate programs. These new programs focus on career preparation and skills development for the growing cannabis industry.

To register, visit www.cannabiscareersummit.com.