Feb 8, 2022
Griffin Tech Specialist Earns Pest Control Advisor License in California

Griffin is pleased to announce the addition of a California Agricultural Pest Control Adviser (PCA) on staff.

Erica Hernandez, CEA GGSPro Technical Specialist, recently earned her PCA License. Erica passed the examination for Laws, Regulations, and Basic Principles, including Integrated Pest Management. She also passed examinations for Category A (Insects, Mites and Other Invertebrates) and Category B (Plant Pathogens).

“This licensure will allow Griffin to provide specific crop protection recommendations to both ornamental growers and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) growers and cultivators in California,” said Tami Van Gaal, CEA Division Leader for Griffin. “It’s inspiring to see team members passion for biologicals, industry innovation and customer support,” continued Van Gaal.

Erica Hernandez holds a BS in Plant Science from the University in Arizona. She also holds an MS in Horticultural Biology from Cornell University. Her Masters work focused on leafy greens and lighting under Dr. Neil Mattson, and her research was published in MDPI. Her undergraduate work focused on CEA food production. Her time in Tucson included research and production with the well-known Controlled Environment Agriculture Center at the University of Arizona. Erica is now a key member of Griffin’s CEA Division, providing technical and cultural support to CEA growers nationwide.

For more information, please visit www.griffins.com.