Sep 11, 2017
GrowIt! Garden Shops Helps Boost IGC Awareness

Earlier this spring, the GrowIt! community launched its GrowIt! Garden Shops program, that allows independent garden centers and nurseries to post pictures of products they have in stock, and be found by local customers looking for plants on the app.

During the first four months of the Garden Shops program, GrowIt! has seen over 50,000 community members actively seeking out local garden centers on the app.

The launch was a win for both parties. Shoppers could find great plants and knowledgeable staff, and retailers could get in front of a whole new mobile audience.

“What I liked most about the whole concept of GrowIt! was the ease of using it to find whatever a newbie gardener may want just by color, all the way up to an experienced gardener looking for a plant or variety by its Latin or scientific name,” says Donna Nykaza-Jones, owner of Ray’s Quality Greenhouse. “We are not the most tech-savvy mobile device users, and even we can use it with ease! And if you are a part of GrowIt! with your garden center, you pop up readily as a source for just what they may be looking for. Everyone looks at their phone or other mobile device for anything at anytime these days, and viola … there you are!”

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