Jan 14, 2021
Kason Releases Two Cannabis Biomass Drying Systems

Kason Corporation and ABM Equipment together have introduced two fluid bed drying systems tailored to different levels of cannabis processing volumes.

The new Biomass Drying System units are designed around the cannabis drying method deployed with the Kason VIBRO-BED system. The first is a single-stage fluid bed dryer used for smaller 1,000 pound/hour facilities; the second unit is deployed for larger-scale systems as high as 8,000 pound/hour environments.

The larger system uses a powerful patent-pending 2-stage drying approach that deploys precise temperatures throughout the process, resulting in a premium biomass end-product, with minimal CBD loss and lower energy costs.

Ideal for batch or continuous drying of cannabis biomass, the VIBRO-BED Circular Vibratory Fluid Bed Dryer addresses the shortcomings of extreme-flash-dry units. Drying at higher temperatures can run the risk of burning the product or degrading its CBD content, while processing at lower temperatures can result in wet spots and molding of product, if not prolonged sufficiently.

Kason’s patent-pending 2-stage approach is able to use higher temperatures on wet product, remove unwanted stalks and stems, then finish the process with low temperatures for the dryer product. The first stage removes up to 50% moisture content, while the second stage relies on a longer dwell time and less heat to complete the process down to 4-12% moisture.

“Cannabis processors are not a one-size-fits-all industry,” said ABM Equipment Owner Jeff Walling. ABM is representing Kason in the market as its exclusive system integrator for cannabis. “Our customers represent a wide variety of processing operations with varying crop acreages and square footage facilities that demand a more customized approach to fitting a solution just to their volumes.”

To learn more, visit www.abmequipment.com or www.kason.com.

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