Northeast Greenhouse Conference

Aug 11, 2021
Northeast Greenhouse Conference to Feature Business Management Sessions

Northeast Greenhouse Conference and Expo will feature these educational sessions on business management on November 3, 2021.

  • Let’s Figure Out Gen X, Y & Z, Amanda Thomsen, Kiss My Aster
  • Applying a Lean Approach in Different Parts of the Business, Gerson “Gary” Cortes, Flow Vision
  • Mitigating May Madness, Amanda Thomsen, Kiss My Aster, Sue Adams, and Dan Snyder Fair Acre Farms
  • One Hour Strategic Plan, John Kennedy, John Kennedy Consulting

Meet the presenters:

Amanda Thomsen is a horticulturist, garden designer, keynote speaker, freelance writer, backyard consultant and author living in suburban Chicago. Amanda has been working in gardens, garden centers and landscaping for the last 20 years. Her focus is bringing rule-breaking fun, a little kitsch, and a lot of humor into an industry that is often thought of as stodgy and full of rules.

Gerson Cortes has 36 years of Lean Flow Manufacturing experience includes actual implementations in factories where he worked at as well as guiding Lean Flow implementations in companies around the world. In 1998 Gary, with three other partners founded FlowVision, LLC, – The Lean Business & Supply Chain Consulting Group.

Sue Adams is vice-president of Adams Greenhouses, a 5acre operation in Poughkeepsie, New York. Sue works closely with Adams’ marketing department, creating special promotions, brochures, and website information. She is an award-winning container designer, graduate of Cornell University, serves on the New England Floriculture Board and is president of New York State Flower Industries.

Dan Snyder is the recruiting and training coordinator for a family-owned business of over 1300 employees, Adams Fairacre Farms. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Economics from SUNY Oneonta while working at Adams. After graduating, he accepted an IT position with Adams. After a year of working in IT, he transferred to HR as the Training Coordinator.

John Kennedy presents to the green industry at a local, state, national and international level on all aspects of business — Customer Experience, Strategic & Succession Planning, Team Alignment, Productivity & Profitability, and Creating a Culture of Measurement & Metrics.  His consulting work has him in high demand among progressive companies and associations in North America, Australia and the Caribbean.

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