Jun 30, 2021
OHP Introduces New Fungicide

OHP, Inc. has introduced Seido Fungicide, a new tool for prevention and early-curative control of powdery mildew infections.

Providing translaminar plus vapor activity, Seido offers complete protection of both sides of the leaf while the vapor activity enhances spray coverage to all surfaces of the plant as well as neighboring plants.

“With its unique mode of action, plus preventative, early-curative and vapor activity, Seido will be a valuable component for all IPM and resistance management programs,” says Troy Bettner, OHP vice president of sales and marketing.

Seido’s active ingredient is pyriofenone and is the only chemistry available in ornamentals in the FRAC Group 50, notes Dr. Carlos Bográn, OHP senior technical manager, meaning there is no known resistance.

“With a 4-hour REI, unique mode of action, and rainfastness within 30 minutes, Seido can easily integrate into any powdery mildew control program,” Bográn says.

On both greenhouse and nursery crops, OHP has conducted extensive crop safety evaluations with Seido and the results have shown no adverse effects on plant quality even on open blooms.

As a powdery mildew solution, Seido is compatible with other plant protection solutions including conventional and biological products.

Users may tank mix with other OHP fungicides for broader activity. Users should check with their state regulatory departments for Seido registration status before applying.

More information on Seido and other products may be found at www.ohp.com

Click here for current state registrations, label, SDS and product information.

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