Mar 2, 2018
Organization Works to Curb Impact of Invasive Plants

PlantRight has published a paper addressing the impact of invasive plants.

The organization also has created a new online plant risk evaluator (PRE) platform to help the horticultural determine what plants are invasive and  prevent new plant invasions.

PRE is a 20-question, voluntary Weed Risk Assessment (WRA) tool designed specifically for screening non-native, terrestrial, ornamental plants.

PlantRight PRE’s mission is to equip the horticultural industry with the knowledge to promote exclusively non-invasive plants in regional markets, while preventing new ornamental plant invasions.

Four botanic gardens across the nation have tested the platform to address “what’s invasive?” To view the 200 assessments conducted during this Farm Bill project in Texas, Illinois, Minnesota and Georgia, in addition to all participantsclick here 


PlantRight is a project of Sustainable Conservation, a California-based environmental nonprofit whose goal is to by unite people to solve the toughest challenges facing our land, air, and water.

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