Dec 7, 2020
Plantpeddler Releases Results from 2020 Poinsettia Variety Day

Plantpeddler in Cresco, Iowa, recently conducted a trial of 144 commercial and pre-release poinsettia varieties.

The grower’s Variety Day was hosted on Dec. 3, for growers, poinsettia breeders and broker representatives. The trial was produced under natural season commercial production protocol.

“The poinsettia trial and Variety Day event emphasizes our commitment to industry by showcasing genetics under northern USA growing conditions,” said Mike Gooder, president of Plantpeddler. “It is important to do a poinsettia production trial as a way for the industry and our growers to see how varieties perform in real world greenhouse conditions.”

Genetics represented were submitted by Beekenkamp, Dümmen Orange, Lazzeri, Rinehart Poinsettias, Selecta, Suntorys and Syngenta Flowers. Plantpeddler is licensed by all the represented breeders and prides itself on being a one-stop shop for premium Poinsettia liners.

“With our leadership position in poinsettias, this investment is for our retailers, growers, brokers and breeding partners.” Gooder said as to why Plantpeddler conducts its annual poinsettia trial. Another commitment of Plantpeddler is to facilitate best practices in the horticulture industry.

As a true production trial, the tested varieties were grown within a block of benchmark commercial varieties with the same treatments and environmental conditions. This year, the fall production conditions were warmer and brighter than average, especially during the final stages of finishing, which was the opposite of the previous year’s finishing weather conditions. The above average light and warmer temps created optimal color and bract expansion in the 2020 trial block.

Trial attendees voted using a three flag system for “Best Red Variety” and “Best Non-Red Variety” with a 3, 2, 1 point scoring.

Here are the results for the Best Red Variety:

Here are the results for the Best Non-Red Variety:

Plantpeddler 2021 Poinsettia Variety Day trial event will take place Dec. 2, 2021. Plantpeddler’s Variety Day trial event showcasing annuals is Aug. 6, 2021. Please make plans to attend both events.

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