Aug 20, 2017
Protect your business from injury-related lawsuits

{Sponsored} Accidents happen. Employees get injured and medical care is required.

Did equipment fail? Did the employee make a mistake causing injury? Or did something else cause the accident? Either way, workers compensation is a necessity — and often required by law — to help employers avoid legal ramifications down the road.

Most businesses — no matter the size — need some form of Workers Compensation Insurance to stay afloat.


“It protects owners and operators from catastrophic injuries sustained by employees — both payment of medical expenses and compensation for lost time,” said Traci Dooley, National Sales Director at Hortica. “When the Workers Compensation laws were passed many years ago, they made Workers Compensation the sole remedy for workplace injuries so injured workers couldn’t sue their employers for negligence.”

Slips, trips, falls, driving accidents and heavy lifting are known to cause common workplace injuries, but Dooley said her company has seen “extreme mishaps, including the loss of life.”

Injuries — and Workers Compensation claims — can be prevented.

“With any size operation, there should be a written safety plan that conveys to all employees, regardless of their position, that the owners and management are serious about safety,” Dooley said.

When it comes to workplace safety, greenhouse owners and operators should do the following.

• Enforce safety practices outlined in the written safety plan.
• Make it known that there is zero tolerance for distracted driving.
• Establish a safety committee.
• Implement safe lifting procedures.
• Eliminate trip and fall hazards in the workplace.
• Require workers to wear the proper protection while spraying.
• Make sure equipment guards are in place.

“Employers should also take advantage of the loss control services provided by their insurance company,” she continued. “For example, Hortica offers a wide range of safety services for employers, including defensive driving courses, forklift training and on-site visits designed to identify workplace hazards.”

The cost of Workers Compensation may be burdensome, but the cost of the insurance is significantly outweighed by the benefits. Monthly premiums are small in comparison to hospital bills after a fall from the roof of your greenhouse.

“It could be very costly if one elects not to carry Workers Compensation in a state where it’s required,” Dooley said. “In addition to being responsible for the cost workplace injuries, a business can be fined per day for each day they are without coverage.”

“The cost would seem minimal in comparison to being liable for an injury claim that reaches hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

For more information about Workers Compensation Insurance, reach out to your Hortica insurance agent or visit

Hortica® property and casualty coverages are underwritten, and loss control services are provided, by Florists’ Mutual Insurance Company and Florists’ Insurance Company, members of the Sentry Insurance Group. For more information, visit Policies, coverages, benefits and discounts are not available in all states. See policy for complete coverage details.

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