Oct 17, 2019
Revolution Farms Hire Head Grower

Tammam (Tam) Serage has been hired as the head grower at Revolution Farms, a large indoor hydroponic greens farm in Caledonia, Michigan.

Prior to joining Revolution Farms, Serage most recently served as a corporate grower for Shenandoah Growers in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Serage has more than 25 years of practical experience production of organic herbs, microgreens and ornamentals.

“His extensive hydroponics expertise will help us continue to make our product better and more nutritious, ensuring it’s the best salad option for Michigan and Midwest consumers,” Revolution Farms CEO John Green said in the release.

Serage also worked as head grower at farms in Maryland and Delaware, as well as serving in multiple growing roles at farms in Alabama and Saudi Arabia, according to the press release.

Revolution Farms’ 85,000 -square-foot indoor farm, located in Caledonia, has the capacity to produce more than 500,000 pounds of fresh lettuce and salad greens for Michigan and the Midwest region every year.