Nov 11, 2016
SAF Video Promotes the Power of Giving Flowers

The Society of American Florists (SAF) has created a two-minute video showing the responses to the Petal It Forward effort in October.

The video is a tool for growers, retailers, wholesalers and suppliers looking for ways to promote their businesses and the floral industry, said Jennifer Sparks, SAF’s vice president of marketing.

“This Petal It Forward video showcases the social experiment aspect of giving and receiving flowers,” Sparks said. “It captures the raw emotions of the day — from the early-morning commuters who are too busy to look our way to the magical moments when people realize this flower giveaway is a random act of kindness, to them and by them. It is especially touching to see their smiles and hear how excited they are to have the opportunity to give a bouquet to someone else.”

On Oct. 19, SAF and florists nationwide randomly surprised people on the street with flowers. Lucky recipients received two bouquets — one to keep and one to share. SAF spearheaded the initiative, which garnered industry-wide participation with 262 events in 234 cities in all 50 states.

SAF began paid promotions of its Petal It Forward video on Nov. 4. SAF will continue to promote the video in the coming weeks and at key times throughout 2017.

“Our goal is to keep floral gifts top of mind among consumers,” Sparks said. “You can’t help but smile while watching this video. It really makes you to want to give flowers yourself, and that’s the message we want to leave with consumers.”

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