Jun 27, 2022
Sakata Seed America to Move Headquarters

Sakata Seed America recently announced two new business establishments in California’s major agricultural centers: Salinas Valley and Woodland, California.

Since 1988, Sakata Seed America has operated its North American headquarters in Morgan Hill, California. The company recently initiated plans to relocate its headquarters, including all operations and personnel functions, to its 219-acre site in Woodland, California by late 2024.

The planned relocation to the Woodland Innovation Center (WIC) will follow the second phase of an infrastructure expansion project that began in 2016. WIC celebrated its official opening in 2018, when phase one of the building project was completed, which boasted 16-acres of operational facilities, including greenhouses, a LEED-certified office, headhouse, washery, a 25,000 square-foot warehouse, featuring the latest technology in seed processing equipment, and farm shop. In addition, there is ample farmland to host Sakata’s annual California Field Days event and serve as a permanent trialing location for the company’s expanding breeding programs and research & development department.

“The expansion of our Woodland Innovation Center is an exciting and necessary step for the future of Sakata,” said Dave Armstrong, president and CEO, Sakata Seed America. “As we broaden our leadership position in a range of warm crops, it’s imperative that we support our growing business and deepen our roots in one of the world’s most dynamic growing regions: the ‘Silicon Valley of seed.’ Our headquarters relocation to Woodland reflects our commitment to California’s vital agriculture and seed sectors, and the investment enables us to consolidate R&D and multiple other functions on a single, state of the art campus.”

For more information, visit www.sakatavegetables.com.