Begonia T Rex

Apr 20, 2021
Terra Nova Nurseries Announces Best Houseplants for 2021

Terra Nova Nurseries has announced a list of its Top 10 houseplants for 2021, in response to the National Garden Bureau’s recent addition of the new houseplant category to its long-established “Year of” program. Terra Nova’s breeding and marketing teams curated the list in an effort to support the growing trend and demand for indoor plants among growers, retailers and consumers.

Begonia T Rex
Begonia ‘T Rex Ruby Slippers’

Varieties selected by Terra Nova for houseplant applications include begonia ‘T REX St. Nick’, begonia ‘T Rex Ruby Slippers’, begonia ‘T Rex First Blush’, begonia ‘T Rex Stardust’, begonia ‘Holiday Jolly Holly’, begonia ‘Holiday Silver Bells’, begonia ‘Holiday New Year’s Eve’, coleus ‘Lovebird’, coleus ‘Macaw’ and coleus ‘Fancy Feathers Copper’.

The global breeder listed several varieties from its award-winning begonia T Rex series as excellent fits for indoor containers based upon their dense habits, interesting foliage, gorgeous colors, and other traits. ‘T Rex St. Nick’ has large, exotic leaves with a jolly red center surrounded by green and white polka dots. ‘T Rex Ruby Slippers’ features glossy, ruby-red leaves with a black, star-shaped center. ‘T Rex First Blush’ has silvery-lavender leaves highlighted by raspberry with a chocolate center. ‘T Rex Stardust’ produces a galaxy of colors with its green, burgundy and violet foliage, stippled and spotted with thousands of cream-colored dots. These varieties are proven top sellers because they provide both indoor and outdoor uses.

Rex begonia Jolly Holly
Begonia ‘Holiday Jolly Holly’

The T Rex series’ foliage textures, shapes and colors create remarkable focal points when used as interior plants, such as tabletop centerpieces, on kitchen shelves and in decorative containers in most any room.

Three varieties from the Begonia Holiday series were specified by Terra Nova as popular options for interior houseplants. ‘Holiday Jolly Holly’ features bright, shiny, holly-like leaves that are embossed with silver. Its red flowers add extra cheer for months, and the male flowers formed in winter never open and resemble holly berries.‘Holiday Silver Bells’ has elegant, silver-topped leaves that sparkle like shiny ornaments. This easy-to-grow plant’s narrow and deeply cut leaves are held by pink stems and form a dense habit. ‘Holiday New Year’s Eve’ has silver-green foliage that contrasts nicely with its long-lasting, bright pink flowers. It has a tight, mounding habit and flowers indoors, even in the winter.

Coleus - Terra Nova
Coleus ‘Macaw’

Terra Nova listed three of its coleus varieties for performing exceptionally well as houseplants. ‘Lovebird’ produces ruffled red leaves edged in yellow, creating a bright punch of color for indoor spaces. ‘Macaw’ boasts cute fingered, cream-colored leaves with vibrant maroon edges. It is adorable in small pots. The multi-award-winning ‘Fancy Feathers Copper’ forms a mounding tuffet of copper-orange, feather-like leaves, and is an artful adornment in living rooms and kitchens to at-home work offices and family rooms.

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