Nov 15, 2016
Top 10 Vendors in the LED Lighting Market

LONDONTechnavio announces the top 10 leading vendors in their recent global LED lighting market for horticulture application report. The report presents the major vendors that manufacture LED lighting products for horticulture applications in the Americas, APAC, and EMEA.

The competitive scenario of the global LED lighting market for horticulture applications is entirely different from the global LED market. In other applications, big players such as Cree, Nichia, Samsung LED, Philips lighting, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, and Seoul Semiconductor dominate ; in the global LED lighting market for horticulture applications, Technavio sees  no dominant players. The market is flooded with several small players that have captured significant market share in their respective regions.

“The competition in the market is moderate because vendors in the market are focusing on increasing awareness about the use of lighting systems in the horticulture sector, said Navin Rajendra, a lighting analyst at Technavio. Most of the horticulturists lack the knowledge of type of lighting products and technology suitable for different kinds of horticulture crops.”

Vendors are collaborating with local horticulturists to provide knowledge about the hardware and software required in the sector. Bid players with strong financing background, advanced technology, strong geographical presence, and strong awareness about the market deployment strategies are posing a threat to regional players.

For instance, Philips is conducting several trial projects in Europe, Americas, and APAC, resulting in higher demand for their products in the regions.

Top 10 LED lighting market for horticulture application


The company is one of the leading innovators of LED products, lighting products, and semiconductor products for power and RF applications. It offers a comprehensive range of LED components, LED chips, silicon carbide wafers, and traditional lighting systems. The company’s products are used in numerous applications such as indoor and outdoor lighting, electronic signs and signals, horticulture, and video display.

The company provides white and color LEDs for horticulture lighting. In June 2016, it launched Cree XLamp XQ-E Photo Red LEDs for horticulture applications.

Fluence Bioengineering

The company designs and develops horticulture lighting products for indoor vertical farming and greenhouse farming.


Heliospectra provides smart LED lighting solution for horticulture applications. In August 2015, Heliospectra launched LED products including E60 and the Heliospectra LightBar for horticulture applications. The company is involved in several trial projects for testing the viability of LED grown lights for different types of crops.

In December 2015, Vinnova, a Swedish government agency that promotes sustainable growth by funding R&D, awarded a research grant to Heliospectra. The research project aims to test the efficiency of LED lighting in stimulating aroma and nutrients in plants.

Hubbell Lighting

Hubbell Lighting, a subsidiary of Hubbell, is a global provider of LED lighting products for commercial, industrial, horticulture, institutional, and residential markets. In January 2015, it introduced LED fixture NutriLED with an ideal blend of 660-nm red LEDs and 460-nm blue LEDs, which are beneficial for optimized growth. Also its unique optical design ensures uniform illumination that delivers a 60° beam pattern.


The company designs and manufactures LED lighting products for horticulture applications such as indoor gardening, greenhouses, and vertical farms. In November 2015, it launched PowerHarvest W LED light fixture for horticulture applications. The product comes with an optional wireless dimming control system for precise growth of horticulture crops.

Kessil Lighting

The company has highly skilled product designers, plant biologists, and illumination engineers. This helps the company to produce quality LED lighting solutions for horticulture applications. In October 2015, it launched H380 LED grow light with increased output. The light has the capability to switch between two proprietary spectrums: deep purple spectrum and magenta spectrum.

Lemnis Oreon

The company provides water-cooled LED lighting fixtures for horticulture applications, which results in very high light output with relatively low energy consumption. The company is involved in several R&D projects for conducting the trial projects on the development of LED products for horticulture.

In 2015, Demokwekerij Westland, a research center for horticulture in the Netherlands, in collaboration with Lemnis Oreon conducted a trial project for the cultivation of aubergine under 60 μmol SON-T and 150 μmol LED lighting.


LumiGrow is known for providing energy-efficient, and high-quality LED grown lights for horticulture application. In July 2015, it launched SmartPAR lighting control system for the horticulture sector, which enable growers to effectively control LED lights, resulting in accelerated crop cycles, improved crop performance, and nutrition.


OSRAM SYLVANIA is a subsidiary of OSRAM. In July 2016, the company launched ZELION HL300 series LED fixture, which includes ZELION HL300 grow light, ZELION HL300 grow white, and ZELION HL300 sunlight for horticulture application. These LED fixtures use OSRAM Oslon LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors.

Smart Grow Technologies

The company provides smart LED lighting solutions for horticulture applications. In May 2015, the company released PARFORCE 250 watt LED side lighting to ensure uniform distribution of light on lower and side parts of crops and cannabis canopies.

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