Jun 11, 2020
Veritas Farms Begins 2020 Outdoor Planting Season

Veritas Farms, a vertically integrated agribusiness focused on the production of full-spectrum hemp oil products with naturally occurring cannabinoids, has commenced its 2020 outdoor planting season. The company has also implemented several significant improvements to its farming practices and genetics program that are expected to increase the outputs of minor cannabinoids and terpenes, and improve the biodiversity of its Pueblo, Colorado farm.

For the 2020 season, Veritas Farms is working with new hemp strains to increase the presence of minor cannabinoids, including CBG, CBN and CBDV, as well as terpenes and accordingly, expects to achieve a 20% increase in outputs of minor cannabinoids. The increase in these minor cannabinoids will be used in formulations across the company’s product portfolio to increase the efficacy of the entourage effect and for research and development of new products.

Veritas Farms has also planted two acres of strains that have proprietary genetics owned by the company, which are designed to further increase future harvests’ cannabinoid and terpene yields.

In addition, the company has started planting rotational crops of peppers, tomatoes, squash, beans, carrots, and radishes. These rotational crops serve multiple purposes; they support healthy soil and attract pollinator species that increase biodiversity. The increase in biodiversity aids in furthering the Veritas Farms’ integrated pest management program that bolsters natural methods of cultivation instead of a reliance on chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

“We are excited about the new cultivars that we are testing this year,” said Spencer Fuller, Veritas Farms vice president of agriculture. “Last year we improved our labor efficiencies and this year we are improving our cannabinoid ratios and bringing some really unique minor cannabinoids to the forefront in our plants.”

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