May 6, 2018
Young’s Plant Farm Receives MPS-GAP Certification

Young’s Plant Farm, headquartered in Auburn, Alabama, recently received its MPS-GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certification.

Young’s Plant Farm was established by Gene Young in 1961, and is still a family-owned and -operated business consisting of three generations. The company has three locations in Alabama and North Carolina with a total of 40 acres indoor and 40 acres of outdoor production growing high quality annuals, perennials, poinsettias and mums for different large retailers.

Drew Young is part of the third generation at Young’s Plant Farm, and has been closely involved with the MPS Sustainability Certification. Young’s started by pursuing MPS-ABC, and obtained their MPS-A qualification in January 2016.

Drew explains, “Our company is focused on producing the highest quality plants possible. We hold ourselves to a standard of quality that focusses on ideal aesthetics of the finished product, while also implementing the most sustainable production processes. As Young’s we feel responsible to produce in a way that allows future generations to enjoy the plants we grow, and this can be done through processes that help sustain our resources and the environment.” After obtaining MPS-ABC the quest towards implementing sustainability practices did not stop.

In 2017 Arthij van der Veer, general coordinator for MPS in North America, started working with Young’s Plant Farm on the implementation of MPS-GAP.

“MPS-GAP has provided us with a way to measure our company’s safety, product traceability, sustainability, and environmental awareness,” Drew Young says. “Obtaining this certification has helped our company immediately improve in these areas, while also helping us plan for even higher future goals.”

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