Rainier is a new series of cyclamen, boasting strong, thick stems and superior flower power. They are bred to grow easily at cooler temperatures for late-season finish. Available colors are Light Pink Eye, Lilac, Purple, Rose, Salmon, Scarlet, White and Mixture.

Select a porous media that drains well. This is particularly important during the cool season when temperatures and light levels are low, and media is slow to dry. Keep pH at 5.8-6.2 and EC at 1.2.
Provide shade to allow a maximum of 4,400 foot-candles. Flowers will not be initiated if light levels drop below 2,000 foot-candles. After transplant, maintain cool days, with 65° F nights. When roots reach bottom of pot, reduce night temperature further to 58-60° F to keep the crop compact the last month of finishing.

Grow pot tight until foliage reaches pot rim. Additionalspacing is needed to allow for leaf growth.

from Syngenta Flowers-Goldsmith Seeds