Accent Premium impatiens boast large, high-quality blooms and strong garden vigor. The series was improved for easier production with more uniform flowering and a better branching habit.

Plants are ready for transplant four to five weeks from sow in a 288-cell tray. Maintain media pH at 6.2 to 6.5 and EC level at 0.75 to 1.0.

Provide a light shade. Keep temperatures at 60 to 65° F nights and 70 to 75° days. Alternate between wet and medium moisture levels. Provide horizontal airflow to aid in drying down the media through evapotranspiration, allowing better penetration of oxygen to the roots.

Apply 75- to 100-ppm nitrogen every two to three waterings with a calcium-based fertilizer (13-2-13 or 14-4-14). Minimal fertilizer will keep plants compact and promote flowering. Tall, lush, dark-green plants with flowers beneath the foliage or late flowering indicates too much fertilizer.

Impatiens is responsive to B-Nine (daminozide), Bonzi (paclobutrazol) or Sumagic (uniconazol). However, careful monitoring of water, light and fertilizer applications can keep growth in check.


from Syngenta Flowers-Goldsmith Seeds

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