The Sixth Annual State of the Industry Report

Year after year, the Annual GPN/Summit Plastics State of theIndustry Report provides the most comprehensive data available about the pastyear in flori... more »

Overcoming Drought Part III: Saving Waste to Water

Glancing down at the toilet, you probably don't givemuch thought to the fate of the swirling water as it flushes out of sight. Didyou know, for exampl... more »

Hydroponics: Successful Surfing

Hydroponics was once thought simply to be the growing ofplants without soil. It has since evolved into a science--the growing ofplants in a nutrient s... more »

Overcoming Drought, Part II: Trends in Greenhouse Irrigation

Water is becoming a very precious, and increasingly scarce,commodity — both in and outside the horticultural community. The view of wateras cheap and... more »

Maintaining Equipment

Equipment maintenance is an important part of operating agreenhouse or nursery business. The development of new machines and thedifficulty in obtainin... more »

GROWER 101: Irrigation Practices

It doesn't matter if your operation is large or small,new or old, if you grow annuals or perennials, or if you are affected or notaffected by the drou... more »