Disease Control

Figure 6. Baby leaf spinach production in Speedling trays on a small Deep Water Culture (DWC) pond

Arkansas leads national effort to improve disease resistance in spinach

Versatile and dense in nutrients, spinach has become one of the nation's most popular leafy greens. Unfortunately, spinach is also well-liked by funga... more »

Vascular streak dieback shown on trees in a nursery

Fact sheet addresses new plant disease

Throughout the past two years, nurseries in Virginia and surrounding states have observed an uptick in wilt and severe dieback on redbud, maple and do... more »

Hop Latent Viroid spreads to Vermont

A highly contagious Cannabis ssp. pathogen, Hop Latent Viroid (also referred to as HLV, HpLV, HpLVd, HLVd, or “dudding” disease) has been detected... more »

Electronic plant patch offers early plant disease detection

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed an electronic patch that can be applied to the leaves of plants to monitor crops for d... more »

How To Detect Southern Blight In Hemp

Southern blight (caused by Sclerotinium rolsii) is a plant disease known to affect many crops, including hemp. In Florida, southern blight is a threat... more »

What Are the “New” Pesticides for Use in Greenhouse Production Systems?

Question: I am wondering if you could provide an update on the “new” pesticides (insecticides and miticides) that can be used against insect and m... more »