Greenhouse Environment

Ark Foods enjoys first harvest at a new Long Island R&D greenhouse

Ark Foods has announced that it has begun its first harvests at a new Eastern Long Island R&D greenhouse. In terms of specialty crops, Ark Foods r... more »

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How Does Growing Medium Affect Nematodes?

Question Can you please provide information on how the growing medium can affect Steinernema feltiae? Answer Steinernema feltiae is an entomopath... more »

Svensson and AGCULTURE Enter Global Partnership

Climate solution provider Svensson and high-tech glass provider AGCULTURE are working together to provide innovative products and solutions solving gr... more »

Technically Speaking Far Red Light

Technically Speaking: Far-red Light in Greenhouse and Indoor Farming

Far-red is a waveband of light that is marginally visible to us but has profound effects on plant growth and development. Far-red light is often descr... more »

Young’s Plant Farm Adopts HortiFootprint Calculator

Young’s Plant Farm Inc. has became the first North American bedding plant grower to use the HortiFootprint Calculator. With over 3 million square fe... more »

Greenhouse Environment Checklist

As the days are getting shorter, light levels are decreasing and it’s getting colder outside, now is a great time to check your greenhouse environme... more »