Greenhouse Management

Measuring Greenhouse Temperature

The single largest advantage of using greenhouses to grow ornamental and food crops is the ability to provide desirable temperatures for plant growth ... more »

Off The Truck, On The Shelf

At the height of spring, time and available staff can be pretty difficult to come by at your local independent garden center.And if that garden center... more »

What’s Next?

"Consumers, entrepreneurs, Federal Reserve members"¦all are befuddled by this economy. Uncertainty leads to inaction. While the future remains cloudy... more »

Media Storage Basics

Quality manufacturers of growing media products, peat moss and aggregates strive to produce and deliver products in a safe environment that ensures pr... more »

Simplify Your Greenhouse Operations

In the days before automated controls, you shoveled some coal into the boiler if you wanted heat and got out the hose if plants needed watering. As he... more »

Reducing Greenhouse Energy Consumption

Editors' Note: This is the third in a six-part series on research being performed at Michigan State University in East Lansing.The recent volatility o... more »