Ball FloraPlant Farms Implement Alternative IPM Techniques

Ball FloraPlant recently announced that its offshore cuttings farms did not use neonicotinoid-based pest management chemicals during its spring crop p... more »

Registration Now Open for Greenhouse Insect Biocontrol Tour in Ontario

Michigan State University Extension is offering a bus tour of floriculture greenhouse insect biocontrol programs from Michigan to the Niagara region o... more »

Insect and Mite: Bug Quiz Bowl 1

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BioWorks Offers New Size Option for Molt-X

Molt-X botanical insecticide from BioWorks Inc. is now offered in a one gallon size. The one gallon container joins the one pint and one quart options... more »

Managing Thrips: Resistance to Insecticides

Western flower thrips are some of the most common and damaging insects found on plants grown in greenhouses. These insects have many characteristics t... more »

AmericanHort to Host Fall Nursery Tour

From September 15-16, AmericanHort is hosting a tour of growing facilities in the Minneapolis region.The Field & Covered Production Tour stops inc... more »