Jiffy Group opens Innovation Center

Jiffy Group announced the opening of its new Innovation Center. It features a university-standard laboratory and a custom-built climate chamber. Essen... more »


Outstanding Cannabis Flowering Depends on the Roots

Building and maintaining an efficient indoor operation depends on eliminating risks wherever you can, and the growing media you choose is no exception... more »

Jiffy growing media

Jiffy Introduces Flexistart Growing Media

Jiffy wants growers to revolutionize how they think about production with Flexistart, the latest addition to the company's range of specialized growin... more »

Jiffy Facility Receives Quality Award

Jiffy Sri Lanka recently received the Sri Lanka National Quality Award for 2018. The Sri Lanka National Quality Award is an annual award that recog... more »

Jiffy Names New North American Sales Manager

Jiffy International AS has named Kent Carrell to the position of North American sales manager. [caption id="attachment_71164" align="alignright" wi... more »