Cannabis Conference to Take Place at University of Tulsa

The Laureate Institute of Brain Research in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is sponsoring a conference ‚ÄúCannabis: What We Have Learned Through Scientific Research‚... more »

FL University to Offer Cannabis Program in 2019

Florida Gulf Coast University announced plans to introduce a program focused on cannabis studies beginning in 2019. ‚ÄúOurs is the only integrated ... more »

And the 2018 Election Results Are In …

An interesting statistic we uncovered following yesterday‚Äôs elections: one in four Americans now lives in a state where cannabis is fully legal for ... more »

Cannabis Production Facilities to Be Built in Northern California

On June 7, Smart Cannabis Corp. announced it had signed and received deposits on a multi-phase contract to build-out a turnkey cannabis producti... more »

Michigan Medical Cannabis Seminar Slated for November

In November, Nexus Greenhouse Systems will be presenting a one-day seminar on "Michigan Cannabis Cultivation & Licensing." The goal of the semi... more »

Where is Cannabis Legal?

Marijuana-related initiatives appeared on nine ballots in the 2016 election. California, Massachusetts, Nevada and Maine voted on, and approved, the l... more »