BioSafe Algaecide/Fungicide Label Expanded in California

BioSafe Systems recently announced that all uses on the GreenCleanPRO granular algaecide/fungicide label are now approved in California.GreenCleanPRO ... more »

Tank Mixing Revisited

Pesticides — in this case, insecticides and miticides — are used primarily to control arthropod pests encountered in greenhouse production systems... more »

Getting Stirred Up About Tank Mixing

The silverleaf whitefly, Bemisia argentifolii (which is synonymous with the sweet potato whitefly, Bemisia tabaci B biotype) and the twospotted spider... more »

Factors Affecting Pesticide Behavior

Pesticides are "formulated" in many ways, each with its own characteristics, to meet a wide array of pest control conditions/needs, applicat... more »

Coreopsis grandiflora ‘Sunfire’

With its ease of production and ability to flower the first year, Coreopsis grandiflora 'Sunfire' is a great addition to spring perennial prog... more »

The Mealybug Scourge

Mealybugs really can be a scourge. It wasn't long ago the chrysanthemums in our greenhouse unexpectedly became infested with citrus mealybugs. We have... more »

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