How to Produce Poor-Quality Floriculture Crops

Of course, no one actually intends to produce floriculture crops that are of poor quality. However, sometimes growers unknowingly follow practices tha... more »

Common Plant Production Acronyms

There are many acronyms used when discussing the production of crops in controlled environments. Acronyms are usually abbreviations formed from the in... more »

MSU Researchers Present Webinar on Holding Crops

When crops can’t be shipped on time, there are things you can do to help hold plants in the greenhouse. Commercial greenhouse growers can implement ... more »

The Perils of Low (Greenhouse) Temperature

The time it takes to finish a crop is primarily a function of the average daily temperature. Plants develop progressively faster as temperature increa... more »

Harnessing Soil Microbes: Past, Present and Future

Colin Bell is co-founder, co-inventor, and chief growth officer of Growcentia, parent company of Mammoth Microbes, Ft. Collins, Colorado. Colin comple... more »

Managing Light Pollution

Greenhouse owners and operators are increasingly adding supplemental lighting to increase plant growth. The virtues of high-intensity lighting have be... more »

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