Mucci Farms expands operations with acquisition of Hacienda North Farms

Mucci Farms, an industry-leading grower and marketer of fresh fruits and vegetables, announced it has acquired Hacienda North Farms, a 160-acre state-... more »

Tomato crops shown in an indoor greenhouse growing environment, in harvesting bins at Red Sun Farms. Photos courtesy of Red Sun Farms.

Relying on vertical integration for success

Red Sun Farms stands as one of North America’s largest, fully vertically integrated high-tech greenhouse growing operations. With complete ownership... more »

Figure 6. Baby leaf spinach production in Speedling trays on a small Deep Water Culture (DWC) pond

Arkansas leads national effort to improve disease resistance in spinach

Versatile and dense in nutrients, spinach has become one of the nation's most popular leafy greens. Unfortunately, spinach is also well-liked by funga... more »

California LGMA adopts GreenLink data sharing platform

Members of the California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement (LGMA) will adopt Western Growers' proprietary GreenLink data sharing platform to collect ... more »

Culture Report: Ornamental kale Crystal series

Ornamental kale has long been a staple for the fall market, and American Takii is leading the way with the recently released Crystal series from seed.... more »

New Report Details Loss Due to Tomato Virus ToBRFV

IUNU published a new report on the Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) titled "Learning to Live with ToBRFV." The report contains information on ... more »